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Our Services

We offer a wide variety of designer eyeglasses from great brands such as Ray-Ban,

Kate Spade, Oliver Peoples, FYSH, Maui Jim, Ralph Lauren, Coach, Tommy Hilfiger and more!


Your eyewear goes beyond good vision and value; it makes a statement about who you are. Because we want you to look your best, and truly love your eyewear, our experienced staff will guide you in selecting a frame that is not only comfortable, but an extension of your individual taste and personality. With over 1000 frames on display, you will be able to see how they look and feel up close and personal – something that can’t be done when you purchase your glasses online. Our vast frame selection includes popular designer brands such as Prada, Jimmy Choo, Kate Spade and Ray Ban, to name a few.  We also carry many unique brands not found at large optical chains – frames made in the US, of which there are few, as well as chic and modern imported frames from Italy, Spain, Austria, France and Japan.  If you are unable to find just the right frame in our shop, we will go the extra mile to research and order frames in other colors or sizes to ensure you are getting exactly what you want!

Technology in lenses has changed dramatically over the years.  Today’s lenses are not only thinner and lighter; their advanced designs actually optimize your prescription resulting in lenses that provide the sharpest vision possible.  Many lens materials provide 100% ultraviolet protection, or sunscreen for your eyes.  Ultraviolet protection may slow the progress of age-related eye disease, as well as protecting the skin around your eyes.  Anti-reflective coatings are designed to enhance both your vision, and the appearance of the eyewear, and hard coatings are available to help make the lenses more scratch resistant. We will educate you on all options available so you are able to make an informed decision based on your own eyewear needs.


In addition to our prescription eyewear, we carry a wide selection of non-prescription sunglasses.  Sunglasses are not only an important fashion accessory – they are a necessity for adults and children alike!  Our sunglass selection includes designer and sports-specific brands such as Maui Jim, Ray Ban, Coach, Wiley X, Kate Spade, and so many more. Prescription and non-prescription sunglasses enhance your sports performance and leisure activities.  We offer polarized sunglasses which filter reflected glare so you can see better while driving and participating in water and snow sports.  The right sunglasses express who you are, protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, improve your vision, and fit your active lifestyle.

Eye Exams

Not only do we welcome prescriptions from physicians outside of our practice, we also offer comprehensive vision examinations and contact lens evaluations performed by licensed, independent doctors of optometry. Every exam performed by our optometrist is complete and thorough, providing you with an accurate eyeglass or contact lens prescription, as well as an evaluation of the health of your eyes.

We offer convenient and flexible hours for vision examinations, and ask that you call to schedule yours today.

Contact Lenses

Should you opt for contact lenses, we offer complete contact lens care, and are able to fit with all major brands of soft and gas permeable contact lenses, including specialty custom orders. After the doctor performs your examination and contact lens fitting, we will educate you in the proper handling and care techniques to maintain ocular-health as well as long term wearing comfort.

Ray Ban
Oliver Peoples
Maui Jim
Jimmy Choo